Pre-wedding Chaos

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In the book ‘India Was One’, Author An Indian briefs you about Indian Marriage and its lavishness. However, a grand Indian wedding ceremony is ceremony about faith and a lifelong trust for which our families try to fix things, such as, finding a proper bride/groom (which sometimes they, i.e. the youth, find out for themselves), dresses and others items, such as, music for the DJ, a ‘ghodi’ (a horse), a good caterer and finally a ‘mandap’ (a covered structure with pillars—temporarily erected for the purpose of a wedding) under their set budgets for their daughter’s or son’s marriage .

However, these days, brides and grooms speak to their parents about their desire for a lavish marriage with all those bells and whistles like: a ‘mehndi’(henna) ceremony, a ‘sangeet’ (song) ceremony and their attires, such as, their choice of ‘lehenga and choli’ with matching accessories.

It is a long and expensive affair with an ever increasing demand for those good and services.

To all parents of all those good looking and charming brides and grooms, please stop commenting on others how they abuse their hard earned just for one day. Just keep your thoughts to yourself because….your child might wish for one too . So please accept it and move on with times dearies.

Acknowledgments– Thank you Ma for the making your point over and over again, tirelessly. For giving me a reason to pen such an article because your daughter has a lavish taste (which, if you want to crush that by your ‘think-aloud’ attitude, then fair enough. I would have a cold war with you, Ma, just kidding.) You have a way to expresses your feelings.